Frutas Feypi s.l. was founded by D. Pedro Fulgencio Cases at the 70s. His more than 35 years of experience, gives to Frutas Peyfi S.L a support that guarantee the most quality in all fruits we work. The care for the fruit, from it is young at the tree to its harvest when it is optimum for its comercialization, makes to Frutas Peyfi one of few companies that cares and pamper its fruits in all growing process.

Nowadays, Frutas Peyfi S.L., is composed by a great human team which is involved all the family; with the wisdom and experience of parents and the modern and the up-to-date contribution to these days of their 4 children.

Our Citrus, especially oranges and lemons are our products stars, but we also commercialized a wide range of fruits and vegetables, like lettuces iceberg, broccoli, carrots, cauliflowers, cabbages, celery, onions, melons, peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots, almost everything that can be cultivated in our land.

We distribute our products in the national and international market, we also work with importers for markets and supermarkets. The main destinies are countries of the European Union, such as Germany, Poland, Switzerland and also we sent fruit to Canada.

As far as our facilities, they are located in Orihuela, heart of the Vega Baja, we have a warehouse with more than 2.500m2, refrigerator chambers with a capacity of 500TN, parking with about 3.000 m2 and one amplee fleet of trucks for the harvesting os our fruits.